As a requested convenience to parents, some of the more expensive costs associated with your child at Mark Twain can now be paid by credit or debit card. We're using stripe.com to process the transaction in combination with squarespace.com to create the web pages (so eventually this site can become more full featured). Squarespace is quite powerful and we expect to use its features more fully down the road beyond online payments.

Specifically we're talking about large trips, senior dues, the prom, and talent dues just to name a few. We will continue to require smaller fees to be paid by check, if possible, or cash, if necessary.

Any payments made will probably show up as stripe.com on your monthly statements. While we do get a confirmation email for each transaction, and can look up transactions directly, you can help by printing your confirmation and handing it in to the teacher in charge of the specific project as proof of payment.

Make sure you carefully complete the questions that show up during the billing process. We need that information to make sure your payment is properly credited to the correct child and the correct activity.

And of course feel free to make suggestions. We expect this adjunct to our main is239.schoolwires.com and twain239.org domains to become vitally important down the road.